I know that we don’t get to see a lot of sun here in London, but nothing can break out spirit! Our hope that one day summer will actually come never fades. One way or another, this article is going to give you a few ideas on things to do and places to see when the sun is out.

London, as every other place on earth, becomes so beautiful under the light of the sun. It doesn’t stop to amaze me how everything changes when the clouds disappear and that yellow source of warmth takes their place. Everything looks different, like buildings and streets. If you are lucky, you will discover new small details (that you may never have noticed before) about the City that will make you love London even more.

As the nice weather in London should not be taken for granted, the list below will give you some tips.    

Opposite the Tower of London and a short stroll from Tower Hill underground, St. Kathrine’s Dock Marina lies as an oasis in the urban desert. St Katharine Docks is one of the commercial docks serving London. The area now features offices, public and private housing, a large hotel, shops and restaurants, a pub, a yachting marina and other recreational facilities. On a sunny day, Dickie’s inn is my favourite place in the marine. You can enjoy a lovely meal whilst you watch the sun’s reflection on the blue waters; dream for a moment that you are on holiday. It does sound like a sweet recipe, right?

What if I told you that you could sit in a deckchair comfortably and enjoy a movie on a rooftop while you are enjoying a breathtaking view? At the Rooftop Film Club, in Peckham, you could actually get all this plus a nice refreshing beer, so you can make the most out of those summer evenings. I would characterise it as the ultimate film experience. Once you’re there, a pair of headphones will be given to you to ensure that even the sound will be perfect. That’s life, isn’t it?

You’ll find the recently refurbished Pavilion Café at the top of the hill by the Royal Observatory. Built in 1906 this octagonal building is topped by a dove-cot with a weather vane showing Nelson looking through his telescope. When the weather is nice you need to make the most of the large garden which has a royal sense. Make a note to yourself to attend their Jazz evenings in August, where each week a jazz duo will perform in the garden. BBQ, stone baked pizzas, sharing platters or traditional English cream teas will cost you but the music is free.

 Sky Garden

One of the best ways for someone to spend their nights is with a refreshing cocktail in their hand, staring at the beautiful views of London. Where?  Pick one of the many rooftops you can find below. There is a list of some of my favourite terraces across the “Big Smoke” right here:

  1. Shoreditch Sky Terrace: Accessible via a bridge linking it to a new wing of the Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch Sky Terrace offers excellent views of Canary Wharf. The greatest twist in this happy tale is that the Sky Terrace is plumped on top of what used to be Shoreditch’s original magistrates’ building.https://shoreditch.courthouse-hotel.com/eat-and-drink/shoreditch-sky-terrace/
  2. Golden Bee: For after-work drinks or a night out with friends, Golden Bee is the perfect choice of venue. If you are looking for an atmospheric cocktail bar in Shoreditch this should be perfect for you. This lounge bar is the place to be! Enjoy its delicious cocktails and dance your night away to house music played by its fantastic DJ’s.http://goldenbee.co.uk/
  3. Big Chill Kings Cross: This beautiful venue situated just minutes away from King’s Cross station is great for drinks and food. It provides quality craft drinks, delicious bar food and friendly service. It’s south-facing roof terrace is a gem. A place where you can sit with friends or colleagues and enjoy a cocktail (or two). http://wearebigchill.com/whats-on-kings-cross?month=10&y=2130
  4. Roof East: Roof East was formerly an empty rooftop car park, transformed into a bar, event space, open-air cinema and community space. Street food markets, open bars, disco roller skating ring and giant Jenga are just a few of the list of things you can try once headed East just across Westfield Mall. http://www.roofeast.com/

These are a few of my tips on how a sunny day can be spent in London. As options here are endless I will definitely come back with some more. I look forward to hearing your personal suggestions and I promise that I will be back with another article like this when I get my first dose of sun for inspiration.

Until next time. XXX

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