Make no apologies for the weakness you may have, apologise for the force of strength you will give. “Comfort is the enemy of progress”P.T. Barnum. Words to live by! A moment of weakness is all it takes to fall into a negative cycle.


Your growth will oppose your weakness. . .


Balance your ideas and plans, learn from them, whether it be your life in London (including other urban cities and secluded countrysides), or financial crisis’s, searching for that new job, with the perfect social life. Pick your battles and signify what means the most to you. HOWEVER, by all means necessary make sure YOU are in every plan and idea.

You as a person need to create that healthy mind and body, everyone suffers from that same place, by not being able to picture how on earth they will achieve this? You can! Just pick apart your weakness and make them your strengths. Could it be future scenarios like searching the perfect job in your dream location? Click here for a list of promising job sites. Could it be lifestyle choices? Click here for Eight tips for healthy eating. Could be the ultimate of all stress and weakness. . . money? Click here for Forbes Article. These lists go on and on. Make google your friend if you need it to be.

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Personally, I go by thought and words. We all know deep down inside numerous amounts of people are struggling, just like us. You know life is not as simple, as your childhood dreams thought it would be. You know what? That is OK!

Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. – 14th Dalai Lama

Take a piece of paper, jot down singular words that mean something to you. This will highlight your love and passions, keywords that you will visually have in front of you. Take apart each word, draw out where the sadness lies and there you will have your ‘weak’ parts that you finally can fix. When you have these keywords, you can form bridges, by making these the strengths. For example, take commitment (could be in the form of relationships, jobs or others. . .), then dig deeper could it be trust? not being reliable? fake? personal issues?

Learn to swap is the golden key, the most difficult door to unlock. Take the negative vocabulary and make it positive. Those examples given above may not be the example you are after but can give you that plan or idea that you need to progress within yourself.

Now you have these answers, make these form compassion and tolerance. Turn them into your strength, make that trust stronger or bring to surface those personal issues, flip not being reliable to the most reliable person you know! Your growth will oppose your weakness, at the end of the day it is up to you whether you learn from these weaknesses.

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