I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived a fair amount of my childhood there. When my family and I moved to Greece, I would go back almost every year and spent my summers with my family and friends. Thanks to my sweet grandfather (as I also mention in my bio) I have been and seen some of the most beautiful places while living there but also when visiting; parks, libraries, museums and markets are a few to mention. My last trip to Boston was many years ago, so you can imagine how happy I was when I was told that I would be going back last January. I was excited that I was going to be able to see how much the city had changed and evolved through all these years. I booked my tickets from London to Boston and couldn’t wait to get on the plain!

Today I am going to share some of my favourite sites and locations in Boston as well as some general information regarding this beautiful city (which reminds me of London in so many ways). 

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and covers 48 square miles and the population is more than 673.000 making it the largest city in New England region. It is one of the largest cities in the U.S and has been the scene of several key events such as The American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party and more. The city today, as you may already know, is home to high-level Colleges and Universities including MIT and Harvard, therefore, is an international centre of higher education including law, medicine, engineering, and business. Boston has one of the highest living costs in the United States and people here are famous for their accent a.k.a. the New England accent (I adore this accent). I shouldn’t forget to mention that Boston is also home to a lot of art museums and galleries, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. A year ago, I had the chance to see some of these places for the first time and I am glad I get to share it here with you. The most memorable places from my trip to Boston in 2017, are listed below. I only had 10 days so the list is short. If you need more information click on each photo.



One of the most famous buildings in the city. Boston Public Library an iconic building-symbol since 1826. Here you can find books (obviously) but also DVD’s, CD’s, maps, music scores, microfilm, manuscripts, prints and more.

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More than 1 million people visit the Museum of Fine Art in Boston yearly. The MFA was founded in 1870; it is considered to be the 4th largest museum in the U.S and its collection contains more than 450.000 works (including a variety of art movements and cultures). 



Boston Public Garden is a beautiful large park actually that is located in the heart of the city. It’s popular not only for the variety of beautiful flowers but also for the weeping willows around the shore of the lagoon. The colours of the trees all stunning all season but the favourite part of the gardens is the pond which during the warm periods is home to ducks and swans and freezes in the colder months. Beautiful to look at in both cases.



Near the centre of CambridgeMassachusetts you can find Harvard square. The “square” is actually a triangle between Massachusetts AvenueBrattle Street, and John F. Kennedy Street. Funny, right?! Of course, it is also the home of Harvard University. The high pedestrian traffic makes Harvard Square a gathering place for street musicians and buskers.




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