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AN ARTIST BORN & RAISED IN LONDON This is Naya Aka-Kwarm, 20 year old artist, born and raised in North London. She is currently working as a bartender part-time,  also a poet and a film maker with her brother. Where are you based in London, describe your environment?  Well where I grew up was pretty rough. It didn’t feel rough but reminiscing on it, and seeing it as it is now, it was, still kind of definitely rough. Although I still reside in North London, I spend most of my time East where things feel a lot different. Definitely a lot more diverse that is for sure. Explain the life of a young adult in London, how do you feel life is for you?  I mean as expensive as London is, it is never going to be that easy for someone that is young and working class. In this moment,…


Firstly to point out, this is not about speaking badly about men. This is about the empowerment of women, a topic upon a discussion of the importance of “defying society’s mould of femininity”. Searching into the past in order to reflect upon the future, can teach us peace and understanding. We must empower this generation of women and teach the past what is wrong. This magnificence and connective community Rat Bitch is a perfect example into the confidence, that women and young girls need in today’s society. I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay. – Madonna Ratbitch’s idea is to inflame and set out opportunities to connect to women worldwide, send a message as a safe place to find others. Be a part of a group. . . a community. That will centre around removing “stigmas, taboos, and judgement” , a…