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AN ARTIST BORN & RAISED IN LONDON This is Naya Aka-Kwarm, 20 year old artist, born and raised in North London. She is currently working as a bartender part-time,  also a poet and a film maker with her brother. Where are you based in London, describe your environment?  Well where I grew up was pretty rough. It didn’t feel rough but reminiscing on it, and seeing it as it is now, it was, still kind of definitely rough. Although I still reside in North London, I spend most of my time East where things feel a lot different. Definitely a lot more diverse that is for sure. Explain the life of a young adult in London, how do you feel life is for you?  I mean as expensive as London is, it is never going to be that easy for someone that is young and working class. In this moment,…


INTRODUCE YOURSELF   Matilde Corno was one of the first people I met when came to London. Her ethos and her weird artistic point of view in life generally was one of the things that inspired me about her. Being young and finding your own voice in your work can be a struggle but Matilde has a distinctive style when it comes to her photography work. Have a look below and I hope you enjoy! Who Are You? What Do You Do? Hi everyone, I am Matilde Corno, I am from Italy and been in London the past couple of years studying photography in UAL (University of the Arts London). My story is a story of a post graduate Photojournalist, currently working in a cafe trying to figure out what to do with her life.  What Kind Of Gear Do You Use? For my analogue photography I use a point…