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Simple, food makes you feel good, especially dairy products. In this trend setting world we live in now. Everyone is after finding that health-craze substitute, lucky enough gives people like me ‘lactose intolerant’ a vast array of options to pick from! The rise of lactose intolerant people in countries has increased rapidly. According to the latest research study released by Technavio, the global lactose-free food market is expected to reach over USD 10 billion in revenue by 2020. Just to put it into scale! Three types of milk use to be the common selection of choice (semi-skimmed, skimmed and full fat dairy). Now people pick from over five alternative sources to get the substitute. Explaining The Intolerance? “Lactose intolerance is a difficult one as even people who are intolerant can actually tolerate some lactose in their diet,” says Dr Miranda Lomer, senior consultant dietitian in gastroenterology at Guy’s and St…


While some people are super energetic and love to run around all day, others are like Garfield (or me) and are allergic to exercise. Literally I could come up with the craziest excuse to avoid going to the gym! I thought that exercising meant being miserable! All that changed when I moved to London and discovered alternative ways to get fit. You don’t have to suffer to be healthy! This city has a great number of exciting activities that will both keep you entertained and work your muscles at the same time! You can choose between dancing classes, roller skating, ice skating, pole dancing, boxing classes, aerial yoga and many more. Trust me, once you get started, you will be amazed by how much fun you can have while getting fit. So if you don’t like the gym and here are a few alternative ways to get fit and stay healthy. Aerial Yoga…