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Blog’s have become a huge opportunity for writers globally, to communicate within one post. A tool, that can give you freedom to express, describe or translate. The ability to be your own creator. In other words, your own boss. Some writers do it for money, or studies, or for even their work. For me? I do it for passion. Something I’ve never been able to not do. Even if it is writing just a quote a day, or a bunch of lyrics, or a heartfelt essay of collection of thoughts and feelings. It’s almost like breathing to me. IT BECOMES NATURAL. Obviously you need some sort of ability to write a blog, however you do not need to be the best. Just write what you feel, what I usually say. You can always read examples for help, you can find four common styles of writing. Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and…


Think we can all agree with Marilyn Monroe right now, “We’re Having A Heatwave”! With all the pictures, videos and comments storming the internet, the public are being very verbal about their opinions! Twitter Received Mountains Of Classic British Humour Tweets!  This British Furnace of a heatwave is a little more serious than some imagined it to be! By little I mean very incredibly large. Here shows The Telegraph, tweeting about Britain’s heatwave, and the magnitude of it in a simple weather graph. Savannahs Of Africa Igniting Onto Europe. From earthy green to a dusty brown, taken a month for this heatwave to dry us up. Can see the damages across the rest of Europe to. As the United Kingdom has been hit by 50,000 lighting strikes! Live updates from the Met Office warn, ‘could danger lives. . .’ these wildfires the public…