For one’s desire to strive, is to water it and let it grow.

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Sometimes life can be cluttered, disorganised, hectic and just straight up difficult. That can come from living in the city of London. People moving faster than you, progressing more than you, doing everything better than you. With that, you sit alone and ponder as to why you are not them?

The need for drive in this never-ending city

Your darkest thoughts can lead you anywhere but your mind chooses the darkness, picks apart the lowest of the low. Settling you into this lifestyle of what you think was not your decision, however it was, more so than you think.

You need to pick apart what you want from life, if you want to ‘sell your soul’ for the devil so to speak or live out your dream and fight for the life you are after and what you came here to do.

Battling societies in England let alone London are sometimes difficult especially when you are not originally from here, but the beauty of this city is that it’s formed of cultures and diversity that are most likely from where you are from. To push past this and find your drive, is to  search within socialising and mingling with people who are in similar boat as you and you will, I am 99.9% sure you will find masses of people in the same boat as you. Just know you are not alone, and that your drive will forever survive as long as you let it.

There are colours within the smog

Finding these colours of hope for your passion whether it be academic or creativity or anything in between, you can and will be able to find it in this city.

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