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Matilde Corno was one of the first people I met when came to London. Her ethos and her weird artistic point of view in life generally was one of the things that inspired me about her. Being young and finding your own voice in your work can be a struggle but Matilde has a distinctive style when it comes to her photography work.

Have a look below and I hope you enjoy!

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

Hi everyone, I am Matilde Corno, I am from Italy and been in London the past couple of years studying photography in UAL (University of the Arts London). My story is a story of a post graduate Photojournalist, currently working in a cafe trying to figure out what to do with her life. 

What Kind Of Gear Do You Use?

For my analogue photography I use a point and shoot Olympus (yes point and shoot, easy and i love it) while for my digital photography Fujifilm, is not full frame but is light and easy to carry with you.It makes me enjoy the act of photographing more without thinking that you want to cut off your arm because it fucking hurts!

What Are you Working on Currently?

 Currently working on an ongoing project on witchcraft and researching on a new personal project which hopefully I’ll be able to develop in Croatia with the start of the new year (if everything goes well)!

Who’s work has inspired/influenced you the  most?

 As human beings we get influenced by everything we see and I’m a very distracted person who looks a bit of everything and nothing together. I couldn’t say who I’ve been inspired the most but for sure I would put in my top ten of favourites William Eggleston, Alec Soth, Sebastian Liste, Donald Weber and Larry Sultan 

What is your Favourite thing about Being a photographer??

Observing and listening are among my favourite things and fortunately that’s pretty much what you do in photography

What Does photography Mean to you?

To photograph is to connect with people and things, is to speak without using words or sounds

If you had a superpower what would that be and why?

My superpower would definitely be to fly or actually to teleport as:

A)  would cut travelling costs  B) make everything more practical and fast  C) I could pretty much go where the fuck I want (little heart)



Matilde Corno

At the moment you can find her here:

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