You’ve decided that your country no longer matches your passions, dreams and your future plans. You are simply looking to try out something new and exciting! So as a result you packed your bags, booked a flight, said goodbye to friends and family to start a new adventure in…LONDON.

In this post I’d like to emphasis on the constant love-hate feeling which you most likely will experience between you and the city.

As you possibly already know you will be living in the city of opportunity; the city that offers unlimited options and gives you the chance to fill your days with new experiences and activities. That… long story short, is the place to be!

However, having mentioned all the above, something you probably are not aware of is that there’s  another side to this city. A side that makes you feel similar to how your best friend’s bad habits make you feel; You know that feeling right? It will bother you (a lot), you will hate every little thing about this side but you will accept it eventually and learn to live with it… simply because you can’t live without it!

Now let’s concentrate for a minute on something that is very important to our physical as well as mental health and also affects our mood… the weather! Many vitamins (like Vitamin C & D) in our body are being produced by or with the contribution of sunlight. Additionally many studies have proven the immediate correlation between sunlight and mental health.

It’s widely known that London is associated with bad weather and rain. Songs have been sung, pictures have been taken and even plays have been written about the grey weather. So you would think that the problem would be the cold and dark winter, well… I’m afraid you’ll quickly discover that there is much more to it. I mean winter will always remain the coldest season of the year, however all the horror stories that you might of heard or imagined before moving here, will feel like paradise when you actually experience the real thing (ok, ok i exaggerate a bit, I am Greek, I can’t help it). The temperature won’t often drop bellow zero, it can be windy sometimes, but nothing major and of course the well known drizzle -or otherwise, annoying light rain falling in very fine drops which is not enough to encourage you open an umbrella but will definitely make you soaking wet. Normal wintery stuff.

What you don’t expect is that there is NO ACTUAL SUMMER!!! I don’t want to scare you  guys, but I’d love if someone had told me that before I moved here. I could have saved all this time from all these months I spent anticipating summer. You might think I’m crazy but let me explain something first, where I come from (Greece) summer is the hottest season of the year, it is mostly sunny and you wear those clothes called SUMMER CLOTHES. Unfortunately, that kind of summer doesn’t exist here.

If that’s your understanding of the season in question, let me give you a piece of advice… just forget about it. Summer in London is like Santa Claus, everyone has heard about it, everyone wants to believe in it, but nobody has actually seen it.

To be more specific, technically summer for countries in the northern hemisphere starts in June. For London though nobody can be sure, but just kind of hope for the best. It can be June and you will still be wearing your rain boots and your lovely fur coat (and definitely not because it’s the latest trend). It’s definitely sneaky. While having completely forgotten how sunshine feels on your skin and while  your body is getting ready to adjust to the fact that you will no longer produce any melanin, that yellow thing, that’s called sun, comes out! Don’t fall for it. Sunshine in the UK is like our exes… the moment we are ready to admit that it’s over, it will come back to charm us and when we start falling for it, away it goes again, leaving us confused and lonely (and in this case cold as well).

After being here for over three years, my advice would be to have your jackets available throughout the whole year, take supplements of Vitamin D and book holidays as often as possible to sunny places. Your relationship with London will be like every other relationship in your life, will have the good and bad side. You just have to make it work! 😉


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