Job hunt in London…well…London has always been a magnet for Europeans and people from all over the world who are looking for an exciting job opportunity while living in the world’s most multicultural City. This huge amount of international people has made London’s labour market pretty competitive. However, this should not worry you as (at least before the Brexit and its consequences kick in) everyone can find their dream job if they want to!

Regardless if you are new or old in London, if you are looking for some tips on how to find a job then you are in the right place. KEEP READING! Not that I’m a recruiter, or that I have conquered my ultimate job fantasy but through my years here and countless changes I’ve learned so many useful things (mostly by my mistakes) which is why I feel that I need to share my ‘wisdom’ with you.

In this post, I will start by giving some tips to you guys, who either have just arrived or you have booked your ticket to London being ready to follow a new career path. London is a really expensive city to the extent that someone who has just arrived, can feel stressed and worried when the first weeks are passing by without a job. No need for that though; I thought of putting together a list with jobs that you can get started with straight away and it can give you some (stressless) time where you can concentrate on your dream job hunt.

*Retail temp(Christmas Period especially):

This is exactly what I’ve done to find my first job coming to London and it worked out quite well. So listen to me carefully: Do your CV, print out a few copies and head towards Oxford-street. There, as well as, all the way down to Regent Street, you can find many big high street brands and your next potential employer. The way is one and only, walk in wearing your best smile, ask for the manager and just charm him! Most of these big chains are constantly looking for Temp staff and especially for the Christmas period.

*Delivery Jobs:

With Londoners being so used to get everything delivered to their doorstep, from booze to groceries, to burgers, there are so many opportunities to just ride your bike, cycle around London and get paid for it! More and more companies providing home delivery services nowadays. You can also deliver parcels in your local area with companies like Hermes, Amazon etc. Earn good money, work to your own schedule and enjoy a great work-life balance!


A promoter can be a really good choice for those who love partying. Many Night Clubs in London are working with promoters. What does the job include? Be social, drink for free and meet as many people as you can. Sounds like the perfect job? Be careful! A lot of people think they will make good nightclub promoters, but the bottom line is most people can’t do it. The simple reason is that it is a very high energy job, you’ll be expected to work when you’re in the clubs.

    The salary as a nightclub promoter is purely based on the guests someone will bring into the club. This will vary depending on the quality and quantity of guests and of course the club. It can be a part-time job that is fun which earns someone more than your full-time job in some cases. Once a strong network is built people can really start to make big money with special deals.

To be a successful nightclub promoter you’ll need to:

  • Have a great personality with a friendly energy
  • Be very resilient and persistent
  • Have good manners
  • Be a people person, someone others want to be around


Last but not least…Hospitality! With countless bars, cafes and restaurant across the City, finding a job as a bartender, waiting staff or front of house assistance can definitely be an option. Even if you never did it before, the demand for staff is so high that many companies are hiring people who have a ‘can do’ attitude and happily train them for the role. Although we leave in an era where everything’s happening online, for this kind of job, I’d suggest to print out the CV, wear your best attitude and pop in and speak with the manager on shift. Remember that this chat is like an unofficial interview, so be confident, smile -a lot (but not in a creepy way😬)!- and be super friendly. These are the three attributes that can get you a job! 😉

Until next time xxx


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