Akis Pasalidis

I am proud to introduce to you one of my friends Akis Pasalidis who happens to be a great photographer and a true inspiration to all photography lovers.  I will not say more as this article is called “Introduce Yourself” so Akis below has answered a few questions for us and also shared some of his brilliant work. Read below and enjoy!

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

Hi Everyone!  My name is Akis Pasalidis and I currently work as an engineer in London. Born and raised in Thessaloniki ( Greece ) where I also studied contemporary photography in Stereosis School of Photography. I moved in London in 2013 and have lived here ever since.

What Kind Of Gear Do You Use?

I am a Fujifilm fan and currently shooting with a Fujifilm x100t. I have recently acquired and started shooting film with a 1970’s Pentaflex SL which I am not sure whether it works or not but I guess we will find out soon (big film fan)!

What Kind of Tools do You Use for Post Processing? 

I generally try to use a straight-out-of-the-camera principle. However that is not always possible so I might do a few tweaks in Photoshop every once in a while 🙂

Among Your Work Which one is Your Favourite? 

If I had to pick one photo, that would have to be the one with the boy in the red sweater. This photo was taken at Tate Modern which also happens to be one of my favourite places in London.

Who’s work has influenced you most and why?

I have always admired photographers that made a great use of colors and have some kind of dramatic/ poetic tone in their work. William Eggleston, Alec Soth and Panos Kokkinias would be the most representative examples. I can also say that my work has been greatly influenced by cinematographers, mainly by Wes Anderson.

What is The one Thing you Wish you knew When you Started taken Photos?

I wish I knew that it would become such an addictive way of life, it literally is taking up most of my free time! Just joking!! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

What motivates you to Continue?

I would say that my biggest motive is that feeling you get when you press shutter button on the camera, as well as the anticipation of how the photo will actually look on print.

Akis is an extremely talented young photographer with a very clear view on what he likes to shoot and the emotions he aspires to bring to his audience.


You can see more of his work here:



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