Living in London, one thing is absolutely sure… you’ll have to move many times until you end up finally finding the one and only place that meets your standards perfectly, as well as your stuff and your pocket. If that happens and the stars are alined or you win the lottery, you should actually buy it! Finding the perfect flat can be challenging!

It can be really tiring but really refreshing at the same time. Every time you move to a new place, you get the feeling that of starting all over again. It feels like when you turn your notebook in a new blank page. But as with the notebook, you have to be cautious which pen colour you’ll use, so the result looks pretty and not smudged.

Thankfully nowadays online shopping has saved us so much time and actual physical effort, not mental though, because you still need to spend countless hours in front of your PC to create your dream house. The one that will make you feel amazing and at the same time is screaming your name!

Recently I moved to my own new nest and visited every net corner to find my treasures;  so I thought I should share with you some of my golden finds!

Warning: If you do not have any sense of humour, please step away from your screen!


  1. Who hasn’t watched the all time masterpiece “Princess Mononoke” from Hayao Miyazaki? If you haven’t i recommend you do asap as it is an awesome film. Part of this movie are those cute little things who are supposed to be the soul of the forest. Just think how amazing it would be to decorate your garden with those white mini phosphoric creatures and feel like you live in a fairytale?
  2. Are you a dog/ cat lover but cannot afford time-wise to have your own pet? What about placing a “human’s best friend” all across your kitchen (Even on your toast)? Those two kitchen and bathroom gadgets are the perfect present for someone who is a doggy lover and has a good sense of humour.

3. How about having Albert Einstein or a random pretty lady on your desk being in charge of your paper clips daily? This playful magnetic paper clip dispenser will help you have your desk tidy and will make everyone wonder where you got them from!

“Oh Gosh… The statue of Liberty is in my drink!! This is a must-have gadget for all the party lovers in the world. These ice cubes will make everyone who comes to your parties, love you and quite ironically it’s also an ice-breaker! My favourite one is the Gin & Titanic!!!

If you loved the above items, then you definitely need to visit In this website, you can find a huge playful range from fashion products to the funkiest objects for dining & cooking. Trust me when I say that if you love bright colours and pop design this will be your shopping paradise.

Until next time x


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