I would like to introduce to you one of the most passionate young photographers that I have recently met in London, David Nobre. He is “new” in the photography world and has already developed his own technique and style. Born and raised in Portugal, he moved to London a few years ago with his family. Ever since, he has been exploring the city with his camera, meeting new people and  climbing buildings! David’s work mainly focuses on portraits and urban photography. Below you can find some of his work and thoughts. Enjoy!

©David Nobre

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

Hi, my name is David Nobre and I am from Portugal. I’m a 20 year old photographer.

What Brought you to London? 

It was something my parents had decided a few years ago and I followed.

What Do you Love About Photography?

To be honest, my favourite thing about being a photographer is that I get to meet and work with new people. Every photoshoot is a new experience and that is very exciting for me.

Describe your Photographic style?

I’d say my photographic style is a mixture of urban and portrait photography.

What Kind of Gear do You Use?

I use a Nikon D800 with a Sigma 20mm f/2.8

©David Nobre
©David Nobre

Which is Your Favourite Lens and Why?

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM. This is definitely my favourite lens just because it’s all in one. I can use it as a wide angle lens while I’m shooting urban photography but at the same time I still have
the 35m to shoot portraits with it and it’s incredibly sharp.

Which Editing Software do You Use?

Adobe Lightroom CC is the tool I use to perfect my images.

What motivates you to Continue?

Photography is a big part of my life, pretty much all my friends in some way are connected to this world so when you are  surrounded by creatives it’s easy to keep yourself motivated. You just feed off each others energy and creativity. I try to create new content everyday and keep myself busy…

©David Nobre

What is Your best Advise?

Nothing will ever be handed to you, so GO OUT AND GET IT!

Name 3 of Your Favourite Photographers?

Bob Sala, RayScorruptedmind, Vladimir Milivojevich are some of the photographers I have been interested in lately.

What do you Want Your Viewers to take Away from Your Work?

Generally, I want my viewers to be able to experience what it was like when I took that exact photograph, the emotions and the atmosphere. If they are looking at a portrait, I want them to wonder what is that person like and what is he/she feeling. If they are looking at one of my urban style photos, I want them to be able to explore the scenery and feel as if they were there.

Has Social Media Played a Role in Your Photography and How?

Yes it has. It helps me connect with people and with other creatives. Social media makes it easier to share thoughts and experiences. Because of social media I’ve met plenty of photographers that vary in style, Street Photography, Landscape, Fine Art Photography are a few to mention.

What is your Favourite 90’s jam?

Has to be “2Pac – California Love ft Dr.Dre”

©David Nobre
©David Nobre
©David Nobre


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