Mikey Boats is an incredibly talented and creative dancer, choreographer, actor and director. A personal friend of mine who has achieved so much and in such a short space of time. His passion and start in the industry came from dance, working with some of the biggest stars such as MØ, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas and many more. He’s also been part of amazing campaigns with brands such as Christian Dior, River Island just to name a few. However, his ambition and hunger to constantly grow and develop has accelerated his career and shone the spotlight on many of his other talents. Most recently he choreographed and co-created the incredible breakthrough single of LOLÉ, with the help of director Richard Hall. He is part of  PDK Entertainment, and with his crew, that share the same passion for dance, they create some pretty amazing stuff.


When did you start dancing?

I start dancing…when did I start dancing?! (chuckles) Career wise I start dancing when I was 21- quite late I’d say. Professional dancers normally start really young- like young teens-. I messed around a lot in my teenage days. I would dance for fun but I’d never see myself as a dancer at the time.  I got to 18 when I got asked to join a dance group after school for a competition and that is how my story began.

Did you know straight away that dance is what you are meant to do in life?

Not even! I thought that this is a sick hobby, but actually, I wanted to be an accountant. I don’t know what I was thinking. I am a mess!! (laughs) So I went to Hertford University, where I studied accountancy. However, when I got my first sense of freedom, I realised that I would prefer to spend time dancing rather than going to the class. Obviously, I don’t promote this, but on my last exams day I missed my exams to go to rehearsal. It wasn’t a final one or anything like that but just a dance class. This is where it kind of start being clear that I was sold on dance!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start dancing?

I always say to people when I give advice (to any careers) that you have to go for it! Imagine when you lay in bed and you’re hungry, you don’t think the obstacles of having to get out of bed, go downstairs, find the fridge; you just stand up and go. This is how I felt about my dancing, I just went! Don’t think about anything else just do it.

When I decided to push the dance a bit more career-wise, I start investing a lot of time training. I just went with it. I trained really hard and I pushed even harder.

What’s your biggest collaboration?

All my collaboration, I see them as milestones for my career. The most recent one that I keep referring back to is probably Christian Dior. I participated in the Poison commercial and I was blessed to work with one of my favourite choreographer – Holly Blakey. She recently did a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood. She is my inspiration…When I receive messages from people travelling and see this ad on billboards and I am like “yes I did that”!

Live to dance or dance to live?

Oh, this is a difficult question. I mean my first instinct is to say live to dance because this is what I feel every day I wake up. It is my first source of expression. it’s really important though to be able to live from dance. I just feel blessed that I can live by doing what I love. So I think I’d say live to dance and dance to live! Dance to live is my gateway in the industry.


What’s your favourite dance movie and why?

You know what? What hit me the most is Stomp the yard because I am from this generation. This is when I start dancing.

Do you have a favourite personal quote?

My favourite quote is “ An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards”. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming.


An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.

What projects are you working on currently?

I am currently in MNEK’s music video clip, I’m working on another music Promo for Friction ft JP Cooper and I am also working on a film that unfortunately I can’t give more details at the moment, but it’s big. All I can say is that it will be a cinema release and that it will be a massive milestone in my career.

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