10 Hour flight; to explore a vibrant cultured world that is China.

Take the time to open your eyes to China, Asia’s most historic and influential countries. China’s in depth mixed environment of mass population, to the endless range of creative, historic and astonishing architecture. If your emotions run wild in travelling, let them run wild here.

‘China is a nation with a five-thousand-year history.’

If you were to follow the similar experiences I myself went through, within this beautiful country that I’ll be discussing. Explore the areas of Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.

I will be covering brief explanations of my most intriguing moments and memories I had. Travelling across China for 9 days, non-stop with Tour Guides (John, Lily and colleagues: as pictured below). It was all so vast, that more would need to be written. Best to keep it short and sweet!

The Environment & Architecture. . .

. . . through China via planes, coaches, walking and the fantastic extraordinary overnight train, blew my mind how humongous it all is. It is overwhelming how small you feel amongst the towering nature and the vast urban structures. You will find yourself lost in a concrete and cultured jungle entwined with so much Chinese history.

Beijing for one was highly populated, polluted and a lot of poverty hidden amongst the streets. A lot of money you can see went into this city as they held the Olympics one year. (Pictured above: The National Beijing Stadium a.k.a Birds Nest).  We covered a variety of landmarks and stunning features, one being the Temple of Heaven. A lot of military power is in this city, as we visited the Tienanmen Square (built in 1420), it was the entrance to the Imperial City which is where the Forbidden City was. (Pictured below is from the Tienanmen Square). To see a very historical political photograph, that was took here: see here.

We travelled to climb and experience The Great Wall of China. . .

View from The Great Wall of China, is an out of this world experience. Words can not described how truly beautiful the climb and the effort for the view was. You can understand why it is one of the 7th Wonders of the World.

Shanghai was this beautiful lit up modern life, with gardens within the city, shopping malls with markets inside, but designer shops on the top floor. We were told to never let retailers take us “out back” of the stalls, in case they might drug you and sell you on. As well as, endless amount of restaurants, an incredible amount of people, the overall experience was very intense but surreal in a positive way.

The most memorable experience from Shanghai, was the astounding evening boat ride along the Huangpu River. You’re able to capture the cities gorgeous architecture and city life. (As seen below).

Xi’an was far by my favourite! Further into the centre on the country, you will find the most extraordinary wildness. You will see things that you believe would only be alive in paintings. The Xi’an Hot Springs is where this scene is, as pictured below. Click here for more details.

The places we went to and what we saw were endless! From the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, to Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, to Biking across the City Wall, and exploring the Huaqing Hot Springs. It is such a beautifully crafted adventure. However, it can be very touristy which is understandable due to what is here. Although that being said, would highly recommend visiting!

The People. . .

. . . are overwhelming, excited, lovable, friendly but safety wise are sometimes too close for comfort. Sometimes at least a group of 40 men outside the Beijing Stadium trying to sell us things, reoccurred within other areas. We would sit and relax for a bit from walking around all the sites, and have people just stop and take photos of us all.

The Tour Guides did inform us that this would be the case. As many Chinese people have never seen a white person in real life before, which is incredible to hear. I will always remember this couple walking next to me, while in Xi’an leaving for the coach. Spoke so kindly to me about how beautiful my eyes are and hair and my skin, I was truly humbled by their words.

Remember for yourself and your travels here the people are good and kind, just overly excited to meet Western people. Some are obviously trying to make a living and will ask for money but 60% of the time was mainly photographs and compliments.

To note on how the country is run again, Military Personnel do operate over these places whether in the malls or historic land marks. Usually can not take photographs of them however this gentleman kindly agreed. To state overall, China are a very strict country. So you must look up laws and what is allowed what is not, to be safe on your travels.  

A Note For You On Your Travels Here. . .

Welcome the idea of incredible opportunities, from food, art, culture, music, architecture, history, nature and many more in between. Look up Chinese laws before you go! Make sure you have correct documents/visa’s! Make sure you also get the correct medical care (injections/jabs) you may need! Finally have the most incredible asian experience, that you can talk about!


(All Image Rights: Alia Kassem ©)

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