River Danube

 Budapest, in my opinion, is one of those cities that is not your first option as a travel destination, however as soon as you get to visit it, you’ll are seduced by its eternal beauty and quality of life to the extent that you will probably try to squeeze it in your holiday trips every year, even for just a weekend.

 This diamond of Eastern Europe is a great escape throughout the whole year. But don’t be fooled by the lovely warm weather that often lasts until October because once winter comes it’s not for “the faint hearted”. 

 Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube. Its 19th-century Chain Bridge connects the hilly Buda district with flat Pest. Just by crossing its stunning range bridges you can bounce between two regions which are completely different but perfectly compliment each other.


…was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Hungary and since 1873 has been the western part of the Hungarian capital Budapest, on the west bank of the Danube. Buda comprises a third of Budapest’s total territory and is in fact mostly wooded.

Things to do on Buda’s side:

      1.Buda Castle:

The Buda Castle district itself is open all day and night, at least its streets, courts, and even some of its attractions, like the Fisherman’s Bastion, which is the finest lookout tower (a fairy tale tower complex). The Buda Castle hilltop makes for a nice and romantic Budapest attraction for late night or early morning walks too.

Buda Castle

Throughout the year there are various festivals taking place in the impressive palace yard (wine festival, chocolate festival to name a few) giving you the opportunity to enjoy this breath-taking view while enjoying life!


 2.Bistro Déryné

Get lost in the alleyways of the old city (or just use citymapper) to find this gorgeous Bistro which is standing pretty on the corner of Krisztina Krt & Roham U ( make a reservation if you want to be sure you get a good table).

You will instantly fall in love with the outdoor area,  all the small wooden tables, the fairy lights and the smiley staff who are wearing neat uniforms  and are ready to offer you a great experience.

The food is exceptional, however, the whole experience is so amazing that the food is not the only thing you will remember about this place.


…is definitely the trendy side of Budapest with all the nightlife, fancy cafes and Vaci Utca which is the famous walking street with all the brands spotted there.

  1. Széchenyi Medicinal Bath

The Széchenyi Baths are the largest medicinal baths in Europe and are located in the heart of City Park. The beautiful building that can easily be mistaken for a palace, opens its doors every day to welcome people of all ages, ethnicities and background that want to relax and enjoy the thermal baths. Please note that if you’re planning to go after 10.00 am I’d recommend you pre-book a ‘jump the queue’ ticket as sometimes the queue is that big it reminds you of a Beyonce concert queue.

Széchenyi Medicinal Bath

2.Dionysos Taverna

Ok, it might sound weird that a Greek person suggests a Greek restaurant abroad but this is proof of how amazing Taverna Dionysos is! An excellently designed space with traditional Greek dishes that maintain their standards high. I wasn’t being one of those nostalgic people looking for aromas and flavours from home but having dinner here instantly changed that. Tip: If you order Tsipouro (similar but STRONGER than Ouzo) ask for a glass full of ice and have it on the rocks. This way you know that you just had a piece of greek culture in your glass in Budapest!

3.The ruin bars

These bars are built in Budapest’s old District VII neighbourhood (the old Jewish quarter) in the ruins of abandoned buildings, stores, or lots. This neighbourhood was left to decay after World War II, so it was a perfect place to develop an underground bar scene.

From the outside, these bars look like normal homes, but once you walk in and enter the inner courtyard, you find yourself in the middle of a hip, artsy, and funky bar bustling with crowds chatting, dancing, and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.

Once you enter the bar and start wandering around the many themed rooms that remind you of some kind of Alice in Wonderland adventure, you will get the feeling that you are jumping from one world to the other while drinking magic potions a.k.a cocktails.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to decide what I should include in this articles. I’ll confess, my three days in this great City were full of great people that i met, fun things to do, drinks & food which makes it really difficult to summarise in a few lines. Therefore, i would suggest you book your flights and see for yourself, explore Budapest from one end to other.

Until next time X


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