Blog’s have become a huge opportunity for writers globally, to communicate within one post. A tool, that can give you freedom to express, describe or translate. The ability to be your own creator. In other words, your own boss. Some writers do it for money, or studies, or for even their work. For me? I do it for passion. Something I’ve never been able to not do. Even if it is writing just a quote a day, or a bunch of lyrics, or a heartfelt essay of collection of thoughts and feelings. It’s almost like breathing to me.



Obviously you need some sort of ability to write a blog, however you do not need to be the best. Just write what you feel, what I usually say. You can always read examples for help, you can find four common styles of writing. Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative. Your style will show your personality, unique voice, and the way you reach your audience.



In all honesty, I blog because I adore it and find it intriguing to find fascinating topics. Especially ones I am passionate about. It is also, a method I use for my voice to be heard. A lot of writers agree, when you attempt to talk to people in person. You don’t really feel your words or thoughts, are being taken in. That is where writing (e.g. blogging or blogs) comes in, and has a useful dynamic to explore. Admittedly, a true blogger knows, you fully have to give 100% or nothing at all. Otherwise it will come across in your post, presentation is key as well as being readable. Just as if you were out in person, you present yourself, how you see fit. A blog post is just as simple.

If you want to give it a go?I highly recommend you do. Pick your point, picture(s), information, layout and all that jazz. Get yourself going! Bring your ideas to the table, show the world how you think and view.



Being a creative person is hard sometimes, because you need to afford a lot of your own equipment or production. What I found uplifting since I was a child, was that, all my creativity cost was a paper and pencil. The world felt like my oyster. Now, the need for online writing is higher, a lot of my things are needing a laptop. (Currently writing on a completely cracked screen, very challenging, but I need to do it.) I can not, not write you see? I written posts via my phone before, or gone to silly lengths to upload them. Whether it is sipping on coffee till 5 am. Due to my love for writing, and being dedicated to something I love. It can become something quite brilliant.

It is a unique hobby/passion/job, that can form this breath of fresh air. By clearing your mind. Why I breathe.

Why do you write? Or Blog?



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