Maria Margariti

credits to my friend and great photographer Darren Bandoo. For more of his work check

Hey…My name is Maria and I am born and raised in Greece. I’ve moved to London so I can explore life and face new challenges. Living in one of the biggest cities in the word definitely expands your mind. And this is when me and my friend/sister( one of those friendships that after 6 years that you have seen each other faces on good, bad and ugly days you moved to the next level) came up with the idea. We will create a Blog! A Blog that would allow us to share a piece of ourselves with you! A place that someone would come because they would like to see life through our eyes.

If you would ask me to describe myself with one world, the first thing I would say is passionate.Passionate about life, fashion, food, travelling and above all passionate about knowledge. That, as well as my great humour(even though I say so myself), is what I want to share with you.

Do you want to join me on this ride?!I promise you it’s gonna be great fun…



My mission is to encourage people who want to live life outside of the norm, but they are afraid, to go for it…not that I have achieved that …but I start taking those hesitant baby steps towards it myself.

-To inspire and to be inspired-BE CREATIVE..BE COLOURFUL..BE DARING!