Maria Ekmektsi

I currently live in London; I am originally from Greece and born in Boston U.S.A. My association with arts and culture started back in Boston around the age of 6. My sweet pappou (grandfather) used to plan these amazing trips for us almost every Saturday or Sunday for a couple of years. We would visit all types of museums, art exhibitions, parks and markets as often as possible. Not only did we enjoy our weekend escapes, but we would return home exited and anxious to share with everyone what we had seen and learned!

This is dedicated to him.

So here I am now, many years later finding my self surrounded by a group of friends that share the same excitement and curiosity as me. Together we are RTT.

My job here is to share my ideas and experiences with you and introduce you to my adventures in the “Big Smoke”. Art, design, music, travel and fashion are a few things you can find here, as well as tips on “Does” and not “Don’ts” while in London!


My mission here is to spread the power of will and encourage those who dare to pursuit their dreams.

You can do it, put your back into it


This program contains strong language, nudity and lots of sarcasm from the beginning and throughout.

Keep the children away and enjoy!