Emma Dinwoodie

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Twitter @Dinwoodie_x

24 // London

Originally from Edinburgh, I moved to London in 2015 to broaden my horizons and experience life in the big bad city! It was a bumpy ride but now 3 years on I think I’m finally starting to find my footing…

I love traveling and love the experience of new environments each new country brings. From watching fireworks on a beach Santa Cruz on the 4th July to eating Shark Fin Soup on Miyajima Island. From camel rides in Egypt to partying on the Reeperbahn in Germany, no two experiences have ever been the same! My goal is to visit every continent by the time I’m 30, so if anyone needs a travel buddy to Australia or South America sign me up!

I’m a self-taught techy. I manage the backend of RTT as best I can! Anything I don’t know I YouTube! That or I fiddle with it until its fixed… As a wise man once said, “99% of the time it works every time.”

My Mission: To save Maria and Maria from technical nightmares!