Alia Kassem

Photo Credits: Ayotimoty for more info on his work see the links below,

23 // East London

To be positive and optimistic, lets quote from a woman I aspire towards. . . “Nothing is impossible the world itself says I’m possible” Audery Hepburn.

Rasied in South-East England, born in Denmark also from a variety of other places. Came to London to study about the world in which we live in, now I’ve graduated I’m planning on exploring this world with the knowlegde I have now learnt.

I involve myself from creative to academic interests, what I do spans into different sectors as my passions pull into many. Whether it be photography, writing, singing or speaking about issues in today’s world – that’s me!

Currently working in East London, which is how I got to know the Maria’s, we’ve clicked ever since and they’ve endugled me, gratefully, into their lives. Together have formed RTT! I am here to add some diversity to your day.


My mission here is to use my voice and thoughts to enlighten you the reader using the broad style of RTT, whether it be poetry, travel, advice or political highlights. I want the best for you. Always remember to smile.