London is well known for the great number of covered, outdoor and street markets. Markets in London have their origins in the middle ages and ancient charter; set up to serve the population of the City of London. Today they have a great number of visitors daily and they are spread all over the city. Most open very early in the morning and close early or late in the afternoon. Some specialise in a particular type of product or sell different things on different days. Over time, some markets emerged as wholesale markets selling products such as meat, fish and vegetables.

Below you can see a small selection of our favourite markets and some info that will help you decide which one you would like to visit first. Have a look and enjoy!


1. Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia road is very close to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market in East London. Apart from the flower market you can also find art galleries, vintage shops, antique shops, bars, pups bookshops and stylish pottery shops. Columbia Road Flower Market is open every Sunday from 8.00 am until 3.00 pm and has around 60 shops and stands but not all of them sell flowers as we mentioned above.

2. Camden Markets

Camden Town has a few markets that are very close to each other and Camden Lock (situated by the Regent’s Canal) is one of my favourites. It is open seven days a week and is filled with stands and shops that sell everything. Literally everything!!! The  perfect place to be if you are looking for jewellery, vintage clothing, artwork, music, food and much more.

3. Brick Lane Market

One of London’s most famous flea markets in the heart of East London. People come to Brick Lane Market to find music, art, clothes, antiques and anything that is related to vintage lifestyle. Here you can also find the best bagels in town. Yes Bagels! For those who don’t know, Brick Lane holds one of the most famous 24 hour bagel shops in East London, the “Beigel Bake”. One of my favourite things about this market (open on Sundays only) is that street artists are spread across the road, doing their thing and the amount of talented people you can find here can blow you away.

4. Spitalfields Market

Also very close to Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market is one of the finest surviving markets in London. Stalls here sell a great deal of clothes, jewellery, antiques and hand crafted art as well as wooden gifts. It has a large range of food stands and restaurants with plenty organic choices. Open every day from 11.00  am to 7.00 pm.

5. Southbank Center Market

Southbank Centre is a complex of artistic venues on the South Bank of the River Thames (between Hungerford Bridge and Waterloo Bridge). Southbank Market is lively market located behind the Royal Festival Hall that is open from Friday to Sunday and bank holiday Monday’s. Apart from the retail shops and stands, people love to come here to try the amazing street food which is inspired from Europe, Asia, Africa and America; suitable for both meat lovers and vegans.



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